top 10 things to do in colorado springs

Top 10 Things to do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has an array of fun and exciting things to do. Here are our top 10

1. Climb the Manitou Incline

The Manitou Incline is a world-famous hiking trail in Manitou Springs, just West of Colorado Springs. The hike is advanced as it gains almost 2,000 feet of elevation! Athletes travel from far and near to climb this challenging trail. The trail was recently re-constructed to include sturdy stairs designed to prevent erosion and help hikers climb the steep mountain. The reason the Incline is our #1 thing to do in Colorado Springs is that it is a true challenge. Even for people new to hiking, the Incline can yield a great experience. We recommend new hikers to use Barr Trail to get to the top. Barr Trail is a separate trail next to the Incline that leads up switchbacks making the hike much more manageable. For hikers heading up the Incline, it is strongly recommended to head back down using Barr Trail while it is strongly discouraged to hike down the Incline. 

2. Segway Garden of the Gods

There is a reason Garden of the Gods Park is ranked the number 1 park in the country on trip advisor. The park holds amazing views, incredible wildlife watching opportunities, world-class trails, and world-class climbing.

Our favorite way to experience the park is on an Adventure Out West's Segway Tour. The Segway Tour takes you through the park with ease allowing you to really enjoy the fresh air while experiencing the incredible views. Keep an eye out for raptors soaring above the fountain formations, Bighorn Sheep coming down from the canyon to the west of the park and make sure to keep an eye out for the incredible rock formations that resemble cool things such as Kissing Camels, Signature Rock, Balancing Rock, the Gateway, White Rock, the Bear and the Seal, the Siamese Twins and Cathedral Rock. The beginning of the rocks was formed nearly 300 million years ago when the Ancestral Rockies went east while the sediment was overrun by a shallow inland sea. The history of this park is truly fascinating. Be sure to make time to visit the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center to learn all about the park's geological history. 

3. Summit Pikes Peak

When Katharine Lee Bates wrote the song America the Beautiful, it was about Pikes Peak. It was 1893, when Bates, a teacher at Wellesley College in Massachusetts came to teach at Colorado College in Colorado Springs for the summer. Bates spent a short time on the summit of Pikes Peak which inspired her to write a poem which later was turned in the song America the Beautiful. Being at the top of Pikes Peak feels like you are on top of the world. This must be the feeling that Bates felt. A feeling that invokes awe, inspiration, and appreciation for the great country we live in and the majestic places like Pikes Peak. For anyone looking for an adventure, both advanced and beginner and everything in between Pikes Peak is the perfect outing. You can either drive to the top or hike Barr Trail. Either way, be sure be acclimated to the high elevation and drink plenty of water before, during and after your trip to avoid altitude sickness.

4. Visit the United States Air Force Academy's Chapel

There is a reason the Cadet Chapel is the most discernable attraction at the United States Air Force Academy and the most popular tourist attraction in all of Colorado. The Chapel is truly unique as depending on when you visit the Chapel you will experience something different. The Chapel is built with colorfully stained glass windows that transform sunlight gleaming into the windows into a beautiful palate of a variety of colors. Walking through the Chapel is a truly special experience. You feel like you are in a movie with the unforgettable colors tones and beautiful aluminum adorned with glass and steel and 17 spires that protrude 150 feet into the sky this incredible feat of architecture is sure to impress.

5. Hike Seven Bridges Trail

Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Cañon Park is our favorite trail to take visitors when they come to town and want to go hiking. The trail is rated easy and includes seven bridges that cross over Cheyenne Creek. The trail is a great trail for kids and beginner hikers. If you are looking for a more challenging hike you can continue on the first part of the trail to St. Mary's Falls trail which holds a steeper incline up to the falls. Both trails hold beautiful views and an escape from the summer heat. In the fall expect a beautiful array of colors on the gamble oak and aspen trees. Keep an eye out for Mule Deer as they are a common sight. If you are lucky you may see Black Bear and even a Mountain Lion. These animals are not dangerous but if you come into close proximity it is best to hold your ground, make a lot of noise, throw sticks and make yourself look big. Seeing Black Bear and Mountain Lion is rare but not unheard of. If you don't really want to hike but still want to check out some sweet nature in the area we recommend Helen Hunt Falls

6. Visit Will Rogers Memorial Shrine

The Will Rogers Shrine is a truly unique attraction to visit. The commemorative tower and chapel is situated directly on the side of Cheyenne Mountain yielding an incredible view of Colorado Springs and the Eastern Plains of Colorado. The shrine was built in 1937 by Spencer Penrose and was named for Will Rogers, an American humorist, who died during the construction. Sitting at 8,136 ft, the 100 ft tall structure is accessed through Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and requires a paid entrance to the zoo. The cool thing about the shrine is that every hour the sounds of the chimes can be heard throughout the Broadmoor and surrounding area always reminding you of the majestic structure on mountain and how lucky we are to live close to such an incredible sight. 

7. Visit U.S. Olympic Training Center

When visitor come to visit us, the United States Olympic Training Center is always on our list of destinations to take them to. It is really cool to see people faces light up when they witness the exact location where world-class athletes train. With a high elevation, Colorado Springs is the perfect place for athletes to work on their cardiovascular fitness. The high elevation, and thus thin air with lower oxygen levels, requires athletes bodies to work harder, therefore significantly improving their physical fitness. If you have time, it is a great idea to take one of the guided tours of the Olympic Training Center. The tour allows you to witness athletes training and you can take a tour guided by athletes themselves (10 or more people are required and the tour must be requested prior). The new visitor center was built in 2016 and sees more than 130,000 guests annually. 

8. Climb Seven Falls

Seven Falls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in all of Colorado. The cool thing about Seven Falls is that it is super accessible and a conveniently situated staircase sits directly next to the falls. The Falls were recently purchased and renovated by The Broadmoor Hotel and require you to park at the Hotel and take a shuttle to the entrance where a paid admission is required. The Falls are easily accessed by handicapped, kids and anyone looking for to walk no further than a couple hundred feet. For those looking for a bit more adventure, you can walk up the 224 steps to access hiking trails above the falls that take you to multiple lookout points where you can view the falls and surrounding wild and open space. To get an idea of the current conditions check out the live webcam feed of the falls.

9. Drink a Yard at the Golden Bee

The Golden Bee is a super-popular 19th century British Pub. The panels of the pub were actually shipped from UK to The Broadmoor and rebuilt so you can really feel the authenticity in the pub with the combination of the British Beer poured into yards of ale and live music from the sing-a-long piano man. We are always taking our friends from out of town the "The Bee" as it never fails to impress. When you walk in a bee patch is thrown on you and if you are lucky enough to be in the exclusive club you will have your own mug to drink beer out of. We love watching our out-of-town guest's eye's light up when they are served a beer that is taller than a small child! Enjoy responsibly as there is a lot of beer in the yard. 2.4 pints to be exact! 

10. Join the Clean Plate Club at King's Chef Diner

Whenever our children finish their food we praise them for joining the "Clean Plate Club." This comes from King's Chef Diner in downtown is one of our favorite places to grab breakfast and always on the top of our list for things to do in Colorado Springs. The HUGE burritos make joining the clean plate club a difficult task but it can be done. If it is, you will be offered a clean plate club sticker for you accomplishment!

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