Manitou Incline | Colorado Springs Real Estate

2,744 Steps to the top of Manitou Incline - The steps take you one mile and up approximately 2,000 elevation gain. 

Manitou Incline | Colorado Springs Real Estate 

Manitou Incline is one of the top destinations for both residents of Colorado Springs as well as visitors. If you happen to own Colorado Springs Real Estate then you are in luck. Manitou Incline will always be a fixture in the community and no matter what the incline will be sure to add value to homes in Colorado Springs for generations to come. Manitou Incline is an amazing work-out, whether you are looking to get into some easy hiking or if you are really serious and want to try to run the incline, Manitou Incline has something for everyone. For beginners, we recommend to park at the lot just below the incline. You have to pay but it is worth saving those extra calories it takes to park in the Manitou Springs below and walk up to the incline.

 Why Manitou Incline? - Manitou Incline is an incredible adventure. If you are from Colorado Springs or not you will appreciate this challenge. Imagine a steep staircase with stairs up to 3 feet high up the steep side of the mountain. This is what the Manitou Incline is like. Imagine such a challenging workout that top Olympians come to train here. This is Manitou Incline. Imagine walking up two-thousand seven hundred and forty-four stairs within 1-mile distance up 2,000 ft elevation. This is the Manitou Incline

What should I expect? - Manitou Incline is steep so don't expect to run up it at a fast pace. It is definitely a good idea to pace yourself and start slow. If you are in fairly good shape you will be fine, however, if you are coming to Colorado Springs from sea-level there is a big difference and you may want to consider a couple of things. Hydrate early and often. Don't do strenuous activities the same day you travel to Colorado Springs. Take a day or two to acclimate. With 2,744 stairs in 1 mile you are basically walking up to an elevation that is higher than climbing the tallest building in the United States: Willis Tower in Chicago (2,100 steps). This is no small feat so start slow and take plenty of breaks.

What should I bring? - Water, water and more water. You will lose a ton of water to sweat. Whether you are hiking Manitou Incline in the winter, summer or in between you can surely expect your heart rate will be up and your body will want to cool down. So you will be sure to sweat! Sweat a lot! This is no small challenge so be prepared with good hiking or athletic shoes with plenty of support. A rain jacket or layered clothes in case a change in the weather and no matter what it is always a good idea to carry a survival kit.

How do I get there? - From Colorado Springs on Highway 24 take Manitou Ave exit or if you are coming from Woodland Park on Highway 24 take your first exit into Manitou Springs. Turn Southwest onto Ruxton Ave. and the parking lot for Manitou Incline is up about 1 mile on the right. If you are looking for a bit more of a workout and don't like to pay for parking we recommend parking somewhere down in the City of Manitou Springs where it is free and running up through Manitou Springs to the Incline. 

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Life in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is an amazing place to live. This is obvious when you speak with residents of Manitou Springs and when you look at the housing market in Manitou Springs. Homes do not stay on the market long in Manitou Springs and when it comes to finding something that isn't unique and "only in Manitou" looks no further than the funky little town people refer to as "Saratoga of the West." 

Real Estate in Manitou Springs

If you love quirky early century bungalows then Manitou Springs is for you. If you love living right next to towering mountains amongst wildlife and nature, then Manitou Springs is for you. If you like living on steep terrain, with creeks snaking through, and Deer running wild then Manitou Springs is for you. Manitou Springs has some impressive real estate. Nearly everywhere in Manitou Springs has a view and nearly everywhere is situated in close vicinity to nature and an interesting little town with just about anything you would expect out of a town at the mouth of the Rocky Mountains amongst many natural springs with a history of a health and wellness destination. Back in the day, Manitou Springs was a destination for individuals with tuberculosis and other sicknesses. The natural springs, clean air and nature surrounds were believed to alleviate tuberculosis, therefore, people for all over moved to Manitou Springs, Colorado.


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