Living with Wildlife in Colorado | Real Estate Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs residents are lucky to live so close to such vast and expansive natural areas surrounding the city however this brings some unique challenges to living with wildlife in Colorado and the real estate Colorado Springs has to offer. Jump to Colorado Springs real estate below. 

Living with Wildlife in Colorado | Real Estate Colorado Springs

A Bobcat meanders into a Colorado Springs resident's back patio. Bobcats are a common sight throughout Colorado Springs' westside neighborhoods.

What are the most important things to be aware of while living near wildlife?

We love Colorado Springs and want nothing more than our wildlife resource in our city to thrive. One of the most important things to make this happen is understanding the threats that exist if wildlife becomes "habituated" and what we can do as residents to prevent this from happening. Here are the top things you can do to prevent wild animals from becoming habituated to humans:

  1. Don't feed wildlife, not only is it illegal but feeding wildlife puts everyone at risk
  2. Don't feed wildlife by accident. Keep pet food inside, store your trash in a protected area, and don't leave trash out at night
  3. Cover window wells and close holes and areas where animals can homestead on your property
  4. Feeding songbirds is ok but keep feeders where they are not accessible to other wildlife (bears, deer etc.)
  5. Fence gardens and cover fruit trees and always mend your compost


Living with Wildlife in Colorado Springs | Real Estate Colorado Springs 


Bears in Colorado Springs present a unique challenge, especially in the late summer and fall months when bears are actively trying to fatten up for their winter hibration. 

See our blog post on co-existing with Black Bears in Colorado Springs.

Another unique challenge Colorado Springs residents have is the plethora of Mule Deer in and around the city. Deer present a unique challenge because they are browsers and LOVE to eat plants and flowers gardners and landscapers install. Here is a very informative page from Colorado State University on Preventing Deer Damage.

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