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Downtown Real Estate

Downtown Colorado Springs is home to a great variety of homes for everyone. Whether you are looking for senior living, one-bedroom apartments, or multi-million dollar homes, you can find almost any type of property downtown. With activities surrounding you on every street corner, there will always be something for you to do in the area. Colorado College, a local private college, offers lectures open to the public and sometimes puts on live concerts. The shopping and dining options are plentiful, creating a fun environment for everyone. Close by, America the Beautiful Park and Monument Valley Park provide an outdoor area to enjoy nature, no matter the time of the year. 

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Being downtown always has its benefits. Living downtown allows you to be close to some of Colorado's finest attractions, such as the Pikes Peak Center, aforementioned Colorado College, and the Olympic Training Center. Located in the downtown area also are great events put on every year. The annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Parade goes right through downtown, as well as the annual St. Patricks Day Parade. One of the most popular events is the Labor Day Lift Off, where hot air balloons are launched from Memorial Park. This 3-day festival is a great time to enjoy some of what downtown has to offer. Every July, the Rocky Mountain State Games are also hosted downtown. These games are a celebration of athletics for everyone who wants to participate. With a variety of skill levels displayed, the Rocky Mountain State Games are a great celebration every year for everyone. 

With a variety of homes offered in the area, everyone will find what they are looking for. Whether you are looking for condominiums, smaller lofts, bungalows, or a large Victorian mansion from the early 1900s, Downtown can offer you any of them. A typical urban lifestyle is available for many homes, but as you move up near northern downtown, you will find the turn-of-the-century mansions. Located in the downtown business districts are mainly the lofts, condominiums, and apartments above the businesses themselves. There is a home for everyone in downtown, no matter if you are looking for yourself or a family. 

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Neighborhoods in the Area

Downtown Central

A community with some older bungalows, Downtown Central is perfect for small families or single-person homes. With as much as 5,000 square feet available in a home and prices ranging from $300,000 to $800,000, these beautiful homes create a feeling of living downtown while holding their incredible value. A short walk away from the business district, Downtown Central is close to downtown while being removed enough to have some peace and quiet. 

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Old North End

Old North End is home to some of the greatest homes in Colorado. With some mansions built back in the 1800s, this area is full of rich history. These Victorian architecture homes were built during the Cripple Creek Gold Strike back in the late 1800s, as Colorado Springs was the closest city to Cripple Creek. The result of the gold strike was an influx of wealth and a tripling of the population in the city. As the 1900s began, Old North End continued to grow. Today, it is home to some of the largest and most beautiful homes in the state. With mature trees lining the streets and large front porches on most homes, Old North End continues to be a bright spot in downtown Colorado Springs. Once the gold strike was over in 1920, the old Victorian style decreased in the area, and now ranch houses and other styles grace the neighborhood. With the northern part of the neighborhood reaching Monument Valley Park, the community has access to beautiful scenery and the urban benefits of downtown. 

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East Hills

This neighborhood, located in the eastern part of downtown Colorado Springs, is a very unique neighborhood to both downtown and the city. As it is located further east than the rest of downtown, it is a little further away from shopping, museums, and events. One thing that East Hills has is that it is very close to the Olympic Training Center. This neighborhood showcases a beautiful part of downtown that is not visited very often by tourists, so you get a unique perspective from living here. 

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Prospect Lake

Within the downtown area lies Prospect Lake. This community has homes built in 1913, yet it has a modern feel to it. Memorial Park is where the lake resides, and it is close enough to the community that residents visit it all year. The lake has a 2.2-mile trail, and it is a great location to enjoy the scenery and walk around. The Pikes Peak YMCA runs the Prospect Lake Beach, which is the only area where you are permitted to swim in the lake. The actual homes in the neighborhood are quaint bungalows, which enhance the already beautiful area. Prospect Lake has enough history to make the community special, but it still is modern enough to be comfortable for everyone. 

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History in Downtown

General William Jackson Palmer and Dr. William Bell, originally surveyors from the Kansas Pacific Railway, came to Colorado as members of a survey party. They founded the Fountain Colony in 1971, which later was named Colorado Springs in 1879. In the late 1800s, gold was discovered at Cripple Creek. This influx of population grew the town by 164%. Planning for large growth in the city, the planners made the streets extra wide, and it has paid off. Those who got rich of gold built their homes in areas like Old North End, some of which are still standing today. General Palmer owned much of the land in the city, but he donated over 1,200 acres of it for public parks. This donation of land as well as Garden of the Gods Park, which was donated in 1909 to the city, allowed some of the natural beauty of the area to permanently stay that way. 

Colorado Springs has a large military presence in the city. However, right after WWII, there were only about 600 soldiers at Camp Carson. When the Korean War began, another influx of population came to the city. In the year 1954, Camp Carson was renamed to Fort Carson, as well as the United States Air Force Academy opened. In 1966, NORAD's main facility was built on Cheyenne Mountain, permanently cementing Colorado Springs as a military city, as well as increasing the city's revenue greatly. In 1983, Falcon Air Force Base (Schriever AFB today) was founded as a missile defense and satellite control center, and today is home to Air Force Space Command. 

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Life in Downtown

Living in downtown Colorado Springs is a fun and exciting time. With shopping, dining, and museums all within walking distance, you will never find yourself with nothing to do. The beauty of the area combined with the urban lifestyle is a combination that is very rare to find. With plenty of parks around, the downtown area shows off the natural beauty of the state, all while offering the amenities people want when looking downtown. There is so much history in the area, easily spotted in the trees on the sides of the roads that have been growing since the town's conception. 

Attractions Nearby

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Put on by Colorado College, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center features a museum with changing exhibits year-round as well as a theater to see critically acclaimed performances of musicals, comedies, and dramas. Witnessing art, culture, and history all through the arts is a wonderful experience. Spending time at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is well worth the trip. 

Top 10 Wild Spaces in Colorado Springs. From Garden of the Gods to the Paint Mines, these ten locations in or close to Colorado Springs provide fun outdoor experiences for the whole family. Going to these places lets you experience the outdoor wonder of the state as well as some of the history of the area. 

Colorado Springs Philharmonic. The only resident professional orchestra in southern Colorado, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic dazzles crowds with outstanding pieces. With a range of performances ranging from classical to honoring current musicians, there is a concert for everyone. You can hear them at the Pikes Peak Center or even outdoors during the summer months as they do a summer concert serious outdoors. 

Money Museum. A historical look at our country through our currency, the money museum provides a new way to look at the past. With rare coins to see and even a miniature mint to see how coins were made, everyone can enjoy seeing how the currency we use has shaped the country we live in. 

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. For an in-depth look at the history and culture of the area, look no further than the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. This museum takes guests back to the past to see what life was like as General Palmer was creating the city. With exhibits that change yearly, you can always go back and learn something new. This museum takes a look at Native American Influence, the life of General Palmer, and even showcases some of the art native to our area here in Colorado Springs. This museum is fun for the whole family as they can learn more about the historical place that is Colorado Springs. 

Play In the Park. This event, put on by the city, takes place every summer. Using just your photo ID, you can check out games to enjoy in beautiful Acacia Park. Games include giant chess, cornhole, bocce, shuffleboard, giant connect four, jenga, checkers, and bowling. This is a great way to spend time outside playing classic games in one of Colorado Springs premier parks. 

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