Moving to Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs Relocation Guide

Every week, the Joe Clement Team meets potential homebuyers from across the nation who'll be soon making the move to Colorado Springs. Thanks to a robust local economy, which includes strong defense, medical, and technology sectors, and the influx of military members making a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move to one of the region's installations, Colorado Springs homes for sale are often in high demand. While some move here for a change of employment, others come for the stunning natural vistas of Pikes Peak, or the excellent local schools. But whatever your reason for coming to Colorado Springs—welcome!

We've prepared this guide with common relocations in mind, though please let us know if your situation is not represented. If you're coming to Colorado Springs as part of the armed forces, read our section on military relocation. If you're part of our healthcare industry, we have a section of this guide for you as well.

Military Relocations to Colorado Springs

Military Relocations

Colorado Springs is a commonplace for military relocation, thanks to a number of Air Force bases and the United States Air Force Academy. Once you've received your Permanent Change of Station papers, you'll have a limited amount of time to find a new home and make the move—and this short window can be stressful for families. However, if you know the right steps to take, you have nothing to worry about.

The first option to be aware of is the ten-day TDY that you're entitled to use in order to have time to find your new home. Because the TDY does not cover travel expenses, it's best to use it to transfer to your new base ten days early. This early transfer before you have to report for duty gives you and your family a window within which you can find your new home and complete the process of moving.

You might be concerned about where you'll stay during that ten-day period. Luckily, the military provides for this period through something called a Temporary Lodging Expense or TLE, which provides up to $180 per day to help you and your family pay for meals and accommodations such as a hotel room. This option ensures that you and your family can move to Colorado Springs right away, without having to find a house beforehand. Then, once you've arrived, you can conduct your home search before signing in to your new base.

Contacting a Colorado Springs real estate agent familiar with military relocations is a great way to get your home search underway since you'll have only a limited amount of time to find a place to live. Agents will be able to recommend the best neighborhoods for military families, based on factors such as affordability, proximity to schools, and commute to your base.

Rest assured that Colorado Springs is one of the best cities for military families. The thought of moving to a new city in a short period of time may seem like a lot, but your relocation to Colorado Springs is likely a blessing in disguise. Tight-knit communities of other military families will welcome you and provide support for your family through any difficulties the move might entail, and you'll soon find yourself enjoying life in one of America's most livable cities. So take a moment to feel excited, not stressed, about your move to Colorado Springs!

Healthcare Relocations to Colorado Springs

Healthcare Career Relocations

Colorado Springs is home to a booming healthcare industry, with new developments in medical technology emerging every day. Whether you're an industry leader looking to start your own medical technology company, or a doctor, researcher, or nurse looking to work at cutting edge hospitals, relocating to Colorado Springs is a move you should consider.

Colorado Springs is a pivotal location for many fields of healthcare and medical technology. As is natural for a city with such an athletic population, Colorado Springs is home to many companies working to make advancements in the field of athletic care, treating sports injuries and helping athletes perform at the highest level. There's also a growing field of geriatric care, including the Geriatric PhD program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Finally, thanks to the thriving tech industry here, there are plenty of companies working to use the latest digital and information technology to address medical needs, helping to develop new tools for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

No matter what your field, you'll find an abundance of institutions to work for. Some of the biggest ones include:

  • Penrose Hospital
  • St Francis Medical Center
  • UCHealth Memorial Hospital
  • The Peak Vista Community Health Centers

Join over 11,000 other people working in the healthcare and medical technology industries in Colorado Springs, and you'll be able to find the job of your dreams. You'll have opportunities to meet and work with some of the biggest innovators in the field, as well as a bevy of other highly skilled professionals just like you.

While a job may be the main reason to move here, healthcare professionals will find Colorado Springs to be an exceptionally nice city to live in. The culture here places a strong emphasis on staying healthy and active, and the incredible surrounding landscape and abundance of public trails mean that it's easy for anyone to stay in shape. With active hiking and biking communities, a widespread enthusiasm for sports, and pristine mountain air, Colorado Springs can feel like paradise to someone who's used to a crowded, stuffy city. As someone who has a deeper understanding of the importance of staying healthy, you'll find a welcoming community in Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs has many options when it comes to healthcare employment, from St. Francis Medical Center, to UCHealth Grandview Hospital and many more in between such as Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital, Cancer Center of the Rockies and even Children's Hospital who is building a brand new facility that will allow much of southern Colorado to have access to certain procedures and treatments that require the patient to stay overnight. For these inpatient individuals, this is a big deal for them now to be required to drive all the way to Denver for these procedures and treatments.  

Additionally, there are plenty of options for anyone interested in working in a healthcare area that pertains to a specific field. Companies such as DaVita Medical Group, who focusses on kidney dialysis solutions, are spread throughout Colorado Springs. Other companies such as Kaiser Permanente,  If you are planning to move to Colorado Springs, it is a great idea to check out our properties page which is updated every 15 minutes with the most current and trusted MLS data. 

Joe Clement Team and Children's Hospital

The Children's Hospital Colorado play an integral part in providing young people in our area quality healthcare specific to their needs. We know this first hand as we have been close with many people who have benefited from the quality healthcare services Children's hospital provides.

For Children's Hospital Colorado current Employees, or those who are considering moving to Colorado Springs, Children's Hospital Colorado offers many great employee benefits which include relocation assistance. Additionally, the Children's Hospital Foundation is responsible for easing the burden experienced by Children's Hospital Colorado Patients and their families. 

In 2017, there were more than 233,000 patients treated by Children's Hospital Colorado. Unrestricted donations to the Children's Fund are used to assist the hospital and Children's Hospital patients with anything from resources for parents, family, and siblings, so they are better equipped to support patients, to treatment of all children, regardless of financial situation as the Children's Hospital Colorado believes everyone should have access to quality healthcare which is why it is important for this Fund to cover the cost of care that government aid programs do not. Also, these funds help make discoveries in studies that strive for better and more effective treatments and cures for childhood illnesses as well as supporting physicians and their patient's areas where assistance is needed like off-the-grid areas such as rural mountainous areas and rural areas on eastern plains. It is also important for support and care for the region's network of nearly 2,000 pediatric specialists and 5,000+ employees.

Children's Hospital Colorado strives to bring quality healthcare to all children who need it with hope to bring the best possible outcome to their particular illness. Children's Hosptial Colorado Foundation's Children's Fund does just that. This is why we, at Joe Clement Team, believe it is super important for the Colorado Springs area to support such a vital resource for our community.  

For years, Joe Clement Team has been a sponsor of Children's Hospital Colorado events and the Children's Fund. For any Children's Hospital Colorado employee or any employee who is relocating to Colorado, Joe Clement Team will donate a portion of commisions earned back to the Children's Hospital. Recently, Joe Clement Team met with representatives from the Children's Hospital as well as patient Amy Fink. 


Are You Planning to Move to Colorado Springs?

If you are planning a move to Colorado Springs be sure to consider some of the exciting yet interesting things to do in Colorado Springs as this may help you choose which specific area you would like to live in. If you love living in the city close to a lot of things to do, fun events, and generally speaking Downtown Colorado Springs has a nice steady flow of things to do such as concerts, local events, farmers markets, and even an early morning pancake breakfast with a parade of horse riders, music, dancing and more. The Western Street Breakfast has been a tradition in Colorado Springs since 1938! The event happens once a year at the beginning of the summer.

 This event takes place in Downtown Colorado Springs which is an incredible place to live. Our friends who live in Downtown Colorado absolutely love it. There is so much to do, yet it is somewhat quiet (depending on where you live), and there are many early century single-family homes in the area north of Downtown Colorado Springs. 

Other areas of Colorado Springs that are our favorites include Broadmoor, Black Forest, Fountain Valley, and Manitou Springs.  

Broadmoor Area 

This is our absolute favorite area in Colorado Springs. We have lived in this area since we moved here in 1986. The Broadmoor Hotel is one of two 5-star hotels in Colorado. It holds a rich history and is simply an incredible place in all regards. The neighborhoods in this area range from single-family homes and townhomes in the 300's to multi-million dollar estates. 

Black Forest

Black Forest is exactly that, a big forest, from the sky, it looks black. Frankly, it is a pretty awesome place, with a nature surrounding you abundantly with wildlife and in some areas incredible views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Pikes Peak, and Downtown Colorado Springs. There are properties available in Black Forest that fit a wide array of possibilities, from pieces of land listed below 100K to multi-million dollar estates. Most properties in this area are horse properties or otherwise not under the covenant control.

Fountain Valley 

We love Fountain Valley because this area is truly unique when it comes to a unique perspective of Pikes Peak and the Front Range Rocky Mountains. Fountain Valley sits to the south of Colorado Springs so from most areas in Fountain Valley you can see Cheyenne Mountain as well as the famous Pikes Peak. Properties in this area range from modestly priced pieces of land to condos and smaller single-family homes starting in the 200's and going into the mid 500's for a larger single-family home with some acreage.

Manitou Springs 

We love Manitou Springs because it is truly a unique place to live. You have so many options in Manitou Springs and there are a bunch of really cool houses close to the downtown area of Manitou Springs. If one of these quaint little properties comes on the market it is sure to go quickly as this area is a pretty awesome place to live. With a creek flowing through town and a few natural springs where you can go fill up your water bottles with natural spring water right out of the ground! Additionally, we love the Crystal Park area. This area is an incredible nature escape. We have friends who live in Crystal Park and when we go to their house if feels like we are going to so summer camp. There are so many fun and exciting things to do right out of their doorstep, like hiking, mountain biking, incredible wildlife watching opportunities, and they even are lucky enough to see Mountain lions from time to time. If you like living in a mountainous area this area is definitely worth checking out. 


Are you relocating to Colorado Springs? Whether it's for the military or for the healthcare industry, work with a REALTOR® who understands your unique needs. Contact the Joe Clement Team to get started on your move today!