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One of the main reasons the Broadmoor area is such a desirable place to live is because of the many unique things to do. Here are my top 10 favorite things to do in and around the Broadmoor area.


1. Jeep & Horseback Tour - Adventures Out West

This combination adventure tour gives you the opportunity to experience the mountains to the west of Colorado Springs where the views of the city are incredible and the mountainous terrain to feast your eyes on. The four-wheel drive jeep will take you up Old Stage through coniferous forests with grand views of the rock formations above. The jeep tour takes a break at a turn of the century stables complete with guides, horses and plenty to learn about. This tour is simply a blast. The guides are super knowledgeable and will be sure to provide many local insights. 

2. Golf at Country Club of Colorado

This top-notch club provides many great amenities. A great pool, tennis courts, an incredible weight room, and fitness center, however, my favorite is the golf. The course is always a challenge no matter what your skill level this course will be sure to give you a run for your money. With plenty of water, especially on the back nine. One rule-of-thumb you can always count on is that the greens always break away from the mountains!

3. Get a drink at the Hotel Bar

The Broadmoor has ample fine dining, unique restaurants, and some pretty cool bars. A lot of the younger crowds, like my sons, like to go to the Golden Bee for their infamous yards of beer. However, I'm more of a Hotel Bar kind of a guy. This bar is truly a great place to have a drink when someone special is in town. It is just one of those really cool place that always seems to impress. 

4. Hike up Mt. Cutler

When our family moved here in 1986 we drove up to Helen Hunt Falls. We were all amazed. Being from the Midwest we could not believe how clear the water was. Additionally, the amount of trail available in the area is simply incredible. One of our families favorite trails is Mount Cutler Trail. With about 600 ft elevation this trail isn't too hard and is a good one for the kids. 

5. Take the kids to Bear Creek Nature Center

We love taking the kids to do all sorts of fun things around town. There are plenty of outdoor places to take them. With 300 average days of sunshine a year in Colorado we usually have plenty of sunny days to go outside. One of our favorite places to take the kids is to Bear Creek Nature Center. There is plenty of nature around for them to learn about and see.

6. Eat a Panino at Paninos

We have always loved eating at Paninos. With the classic Panino (basically a calzone shaped like a burrito) your family is sure to be satisfied as this place is the classic after-soccer-game place to grab a bite. The restaurant has been locally owned for years and also has locations downtown, on the east side, in Fort Collins and Minnesota. 

7. Shoot Archery at Cheyenne Mountain State Park

When we moved here in the 80's the area that is now Cheyenne Mountain State Park was a wide open space filled with wildlife. It is still a wide-open space only now you can drive through it, hike through it and access awesome things like the 3D archery course. For any archery hunters, this is a must-do activity to practice shooting outside in wild situations with three-dimensional targets. 

8. Sunday Brunch at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Resort

For anyone who loves great food, and a lot of it the Sunday Brunch at the Mountain View restaurant is sure to impress. In addition to the incredible views of Cheyenne Mountain, there are a variety of cuisine stations complete with meats, vegetables, pasta and even prime rib. The Sunday Brunch at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Resort is a tradition for our family on special occasions.  

9. Walk the dog at Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek Park has many great outdoor opportunities however only one of those locations includes a designated area for your four-legged friend. The dog park at Bear Creek is sure to please your pooch. There seems to always be other dogs for yours to play with and there is nothing better than letting your dog run free as it is always a great idea to keep dogs on a leash in wild areas. The fact that this is a "dog park" is a good reminder that most other parks or really any wild space it is best to keep your dog on-leash (even if off leash is allowed) as keeping your dog on a leash can minimize conflicts and impact on wildlife which is beneficial to your dog, you and the area you are recreating in. 

10. Take the kids up Gold Camp Road

When we first moved here in 1986 one of the first things we did was take a drive up Gold Camp Road. This is a great mountain road. It is a good idea to have 4 wheel drive and make sure to take a stop or two to ensure you have a good opportunity to take a photo or enjoy the view for a few minutes. Driving the road is awesome. However, pulling over and checking out the endless view to the east and looking at the back side of Cheyenne Mountain always yields an impressive view. 

Does living in the Broadmoor area (or anywhere else in Colorado Springs!) interest you? If so, be sure to contact Joe Clement to help you find the best Colorado Springs properties!

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