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Colorado Springs Home staging tips

The Potential of a Vacant Home | Colorado Springs Homes

by Elisha Neibur

Did you know that only 10% of buyers can visualize a home’s potential? That means if you are selling a vacant home, only 90% of buyers touring your home will be able to imagine themselves living there. That is a lot of offers that are not coming your way because a large percentage of viewers aren’t sure that the master will fit their king bed or the family room will have enough room to comfortably seat their family.

As a home stager, and likely part of the 10% who is good at visualizing spaces, my own house shopping experience played out this reality. We purchased a house that was built in 1947 a few years ago. The latest upgrades happened in the ’70s (the kitchen-

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Colorado Springs Homes | Why Stage your home?

Dollar, Dollar Bills - Why stage your home? | Colorado Springs Real Estate 

Written By Elisha Niebuhr 

Do you want to know something I hear over and over again? “It must be hard to get business in this market because everything is selling so fast.” Face to palm. Yes, it is true that homes are flying off the shelves here in Colorado Springs, but just because things are going fast doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing opportunities (by opportunities, I mean $$) to be had if you do a great job promoting your high asset product (aka, your home). Step one is finding a Rock Star Realtor, and step 2 is getting your home prepped and staged so it will wow buyers the instant it goes live. Sure, any old house these days may go under contract relatively

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