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Cheyenne Canon Real Estate

Special Spotlight: Cheyenne Canyon | Colorado Springs Real Estate

Cheyenne Canyon is a beautiful space in southwest Colorado Springs Near the Broadmoor. This area is full of beautiful homes, great scenery, and incredible hiking trails. Homes in this area have a little more space than the rest of Colorado Springs, and they all have access to beautiful scenery in the canyon. These homes are surrounded by great natural scenery. The homes have views of the canyon and the city, as well as great views of Pikes Peak and the front range. Homes in Cheyenne Canyon are great homes if you love the outdoor lifestyle. Cheyenne Canyon blends wildlife, great views, and suburban living to create a wild feel while enjoying the comfort of your home. 


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Skyway Real Estate in Colorado Springs

 Skyway Real Estate in Colorado Springs 

Near the foot of Cheyenne Mountian lies the community of Skyway. This community in southwest Colorado Springs is full of great homes for everyone. Whether you want to be lower and closer to the Broadmoor campus or higher up in the foothills, Skyway has everything you want. Skyway is split into 2 parts, Upper Skyway, and Lower Skyway. Lower Skyway has older homes built near Bear Creek Park in the 1960s. Upper Skyway is full of newer homes built in a steeper part of the area than Lower Skyway which is to the east. Bear Creek Park lies north of the community and is a popular location for residents to enjoy their time at. To the south of the community, North Cheyenne Canyon Park is another great place to spend

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Explore Broadmoor Resort Community in Colorado Springs

Why we love Broadmoor Resort Community

The Broadmoor Resort Community is a gated grand luxury community in south Colorado Springs. Located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain in the Broadmoor area, Broadmoor Resort Community has some of the best views and access to some great amenities. Every home in the community is truly custom, and the lot sizes can vary throughout the community. Ranging from 3,000 to 14,000 square feet, the homes in the community are custom luxury homes that all have what you want as a homeowner. The area is safe and beautiful, creating a great environment for everyone. A five-minute drive from the hotel's main entrance, this community is set above the foothills and above the city, creating a beautiful view during the evening of

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Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs

Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs Breakfast with the Builders | Colorado Springs Homes

This morning we had the privilege to join the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs at their annual Breakfast with the Builders event. This was a great way for us to network with some of our favorite home builders around the city as well as catching up with great housing resources around Colorado Springs. Also, in attendance was an array of landscapers, spas, decks and even manufacturers of all sorts of sorts of construction and home building products.

Some of the highlights of the event this morning included meeting with some of our most trusted partners such as Challenger Homes, Unified Title and Colorado Springs Utilities. Did

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Broadmoor homes for sale in colorado springs

How Much is Your Home Worth? | Colorado Springs Home Value Estimator

Do you live in the Pikes Peak Region? Do you ever wonder exactly what your home is worth?

When you hire a REALTOR® to assess the value of your home you can be sure to have the most accurate assessment of what you may be able to sell your home for. Additionally, there is plenty of information out there to help you find what out what your home is worth, however, it can risky to rely solely on computer-generated results. For example, some tools used to asses your home value might only rely on existing data such as Zillow's Zestimate Home Value Estimator. Often times the Zestimate is a great place to start your home value assessment, however, in other cases,

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Broadmoor Homes For Sales

How to Navigate Broadmoor Real Estate 

Broadmoor Real Estate can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide on a home to purchase. Here is a guide to help you figure it all out!

The Broadmoor area in Colorado Springs has so many awesome neighborhoods and a wide array of housing choices. Even if you decide you want to live in the Broadmoor area you may find yourself overwhelmed by choices. Here is a list of all the neighborhoods in the Broadmoor area and information that can help you make a decision. 


Broadmoor Proper 

Broadmoor Proper is the area directly surrounding the Broadmoor Hotel. Broadmoor Proper includes some of the most desirable homes, townhomes and condos in all of Colorado. The Broadmoor Hotel is a special place. There

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We have always made the Colorado Springs community our priority. We have lived here for 32 years and absolutely love this city. There are so many reasons to love Colorado Springs. The easy access to nature, many great attractions, incredible restaurants, and that super-cozy-neighborhoody feeling you get when you are home, all make Colorado Springs an absolutely amazing place to live. We love hearing other people's thoughts on how great this city is as well. We were fortunate enough to hear a special perspective by a brave young lady. Amy Fink, a Children's Hospital patient, recently shared with us her favorite things about Colorado Springs and how her love for this city, her family, and even some Louie's Cheesy Garlic bread provided her comfort throughout

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Colorado Springs Homes For Sale

Colorado Springs Homes for Sale Prices Reach Record Highs 

What does this mean for Colorado Springs Real Estate?

With an increase in median sales price of 10.7% Colorado Springs real estate market is sitting pretty with average days on the market decreasing, sold price increasing and the highest average price. 

Colorado Springs real estate values reached record highs last month. The housing market is hot in Colorado Springs. The median price of single-family homes sold in March rose to $300,000 nearly 12 percent higher than March of 2017. March 2018 showed the highest average home prices at $340,000 which is amazing that we’ve gone that high. Another positive sign for Colorado Springs homes for sale is that there are more sales in higher

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