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Hiking Red Mountain & Iron Mountain | Colorado Springs Real Estate

Right out of Manitou Springs there are a plethora of outdoor opportunities ideal for residents and visitors alike. Some present a more difficult outdoor adventure such as the Manitou Incline and Barr Trail while some have a bit less elevation gain such as the Inntemann Trail. Two mountains we love that are a bit lesser known include Red Mountain and Iron Mountain. These two lower peaks provide both a great hike and a huge payoff at the top with spectacular views of Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs as well as some of the grand views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. With so many incredible hiking trails in close vicinity to Manitou Springs, both Red Mountain and Iron Mountain are good options for those who are looking for something new and different after hiking the famous Manitou Incline over and over. Trust us, we love the Manitou Incline, however, it is always nice to try a new trail, especially one in which you know the top will yield spectacular views. 

Red Mountain and Iron Mountain Hiking | Colorado Springs Real Estate

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Location: Red Mountain and Iron Mountain are situated south of Manitou Springs between the city of Manitou Springs and Sugarloaf Mountain and Crystal Park Rd on the Westside of Colorado Springs: SEARCH MANITOU SPRINGS HOMES FOR SALE.

Iron Mountain Colorado Springs Real Estate

 Iron Mountain, pictured above, provides a moderate hike to a very nice summit with a spectacular view of Downtown Colorado Springs and the surrounding Colorado Front Range Rocky Mountains. Red Mountain (pictured below), adjacent to Iron Mountain, is along the same lines as Iron Mountain with incredible views and maybe a bit more difficult hike than Iron Mountain. Meaning the trail on Red Mountain gets a bit steeper when compared to Iron Mountain. If you are trying to decide between the two start with Iron Mountain first to see how you feel before trying to tackle Red Mountain. Red Mountain's terrain at the top is a bit steeper which ultimately causes more erosion and a bit more difficult to navigate on foot but none the less it is rated with a difficulty level of moderate.

Top of Red Mountain | Colorado Springs Real Estate

Red Mountain

Length: 2.6 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

Why you should try it: The cool thing about this hike is Red Mountain represents an interesting piece of Manitou Springs History. Originally the route was used as an old incline train while the remnants of the original system still remain today. If you've ever heard of the story of Emma Crawford, you know this mountain has a special meaning behind it. Emma conquered the mountain after moving to Colorado Springs to enjoy the clean air and natural minerals available in Manitou Springs. Emma loved Red Mountain so much she chose to be buried at the top of the mountain upon her death. Well, this mountain, along with much of the terrain in Manitou Springs, is susceptible to erosion. Which is exactly what happened when a large rainstorm swept away the mountain resulting in a coffin surfing down the mountain in a flood. Thus the birth of a well known annual event in Manitou Springs. The Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Festival in Manitou Springs every Halloween. 

Top of Iron Mountain Looking West | Colorado Springs Real Estate

Iron Mountain

Length: 2.1 miles from Crystal Park Road Trailhead to Laguna Point Rd

Difficulty: Moderate

Why you should try it: Iron Mountain is a great mountain to hike, run, bike or even horseback. This non-motorized trail can easily be accessed from the town of Manitou Springs by way of the Iron Spring Trailhead on Ruxton Ave in Downtown Manitou Springs. SEARCH DOWNTOWN MANITOU SPRINGS HOMES. Or by way of Crystal Park Trailhead on Crystal Park Road. Iron Mountain is a great summit to combine with Red Mountain on the same trip. When you add these two combined you get a total round trip distance of about 4.5-5 miles by way of the Intemann Trail. 


Hikes Nearby

Stratton Open Space - This incredible open space features two reservoirs, plenty of trails, and world-class mountain biking. Not to mention Stratton Open Space provides many access points to a plethora of wild and open terrain in North Cheyenne Canyon Park which is a Colorado Springs Park as well as access to Pike National Forest which provides 1 Million acres of public land within close proximity to Colorado Springs. 

Palmer Park - This wild and open space is situated dead smack in the middle of Colorado Springs. Surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Palmer Park is in the heart of the action in Colorado Springs. This beautiful plot of land features dramatic rock outcroppings and areas of forests, bluffs, grasslands and even an intricate trail system that allows adventurer seekers to explore nearly every area of this seven hundred and thirty-acre park. 

If you are looking for more of an off-the-beaten-path type of adventure check out our post on the Top Wilderness Areas Near Colorado Springs.


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