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Dollar, Dollar Bills - Why stage your home? | Colorado Springs Real Estate 

Written By Elisha Niebuhr 

Do you want to know something I hear over and over again? “It must be hard to get business in this market because everything is selling so fast.” Face to palm. Yes, it is true that homes are flying off the shelves here in Colorado Springs, but just because things are going fast doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing opportunities (by opportunities, I mean $$) to be had if you do a great job promoting your high asset product (aka, your home). Step one is finding a Rock Star Realtor, and step 2 is getting your home prepped and staged so it will wow buyers the instant it goes live. Sure, any old house these days may go under contract relatively quickly, but perhaps you’d like it to go under contract fast AND with the highest offers. After all, your home is likely one of your biggest assets, and you wouldn’t be crying if it brought in more money. Amiright?

Let’s talk about what staging your home can do for you. First off, staging can result in more money in your pocket.

“In a 2018 survey of over 4,200 professionally staged homes, 85% sold for 6-25% MORE than there unstated neighbor’s homes.”

- Home Staging Resources

But this is only for those high end, luxury homes, right? NOPE. I had the privilege to stage a condo which sold last April (listed for $162,500/ sold for $170,500) which was on the market in the same month and sold for $5,500 over the exact same everything, but unstaged, condo a few doors down. That’s $8,000 over asking! Do you think that owner was happy about that? Yep.


why stage your home - dollar dollar bills


Additionally, staging your home results in a faster sale, 72% faster according to a survey done by the Real Estate Staging Association. Homes that sell faster don’t have to suffer the dreaded price reduction, so stage first. Your home is one of your biggest assets. Don’t neglect the proper preparation your home needs in order to give you the best selling outcome. 

In Colorado Springs, the real estate market is strong, however, there are buyers all across this city that are missing out on money they could be earning. Colorado Springs homes are selling fast in many cases, yet super-slow in others. While home sellers who are making the smart investment to stage their home are reaping the benefits. "We had a Broadmoor home for sale that wasn't moving at all, we did not have a lot of showings and not much interest. Now that it is staged by Modern Interior Staging Company we've had a lot more showings, and it is looking like this home is going to move fast now that the staging has really allowed the home's strengths shine through. We are glad the sellers allowed Elisha to come to their home for a consultation. Elisha is sharp and has an amazing eye for making homes look their best. We are very excited to work with sellers on staging their homes in the future" said Joe Clement, RE/MAX Properties, Inc. 

Are you still wondering, “Does staging work?” Based on the fact that statistically, homes sell faster and for money, I think it is safe to say, yes.

But what about the upfront investment? What about that? Is staging worth it? The money you invest in staging can range from a consultation fee to a full-blown vacant stage to anywhere in between. In the comparison below, the unstaged room could have benefited greatly with the removal of oversized furniture and electronics, a strategic furniture layout, and on-trend art and decor. It would require a very minimum investment for a big impact and even bigger payoff.


Why stage your home? | Colorado Springs Real Estate


And here is the other thing; in the end, staging doesn’t cost you anything!

“According to the National Association of Realtors, for every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400.” 

So why wouldn’t you stage your home you are selling in Colorado Springs? It could be the unknowns and the what if’s. These pesky critters are always lurking around every corner trying to scare others out of doing the work to bring success into their lives. Don’t let that be you. If you want that great job, wear your best suit. If you want to impress your date, take them to a great restaurant. If you want to sell your home, do the prep work and get it staged. Put in the effort, invest those pennies wisely, and get yourself some more dolla, dolla bills, ya’ll.

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