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Black Forest Real Estate

Located in northern El Paso County lies the beautiful area of Black Forest. This large forested area northeast of Colorado Springs provides a unique opportunity for residents to enjoy the natural landscape. With plenty of open space and property, Black Forest will provide accommodations for anything you are looking for. Whether you are looking for communities with strict covenants or communities lacking covenants altogether, there is a place for you in the forest. Black Forest provides a glimpse into the natural beauty of the state. The unique trees of the area give residents secluded properties and new perspectives of the front range and Pikes Peak. With some views headed east onto the rolling plains, every property in the area will give you something different. Just because every view is different, it doesn't mean anything. They all provide incredible scenery and views of the natural landscape of the area. 

With a variety of properties and homes available in Black Forest, everyone can find what they are looking for. Whether it be a small property or a luxurious multi-acre home, the area has enough space and properties for everyone to be happy. Parts of the Black Forest are in Academy School District 20, further east in Falcon are in 49 School District, and the northernmost parts of the forest are in Lewis-Palmer School District 38. The community inside the forest has a strong independent spirit, yet everyone shares the same sense of pride for living in such a beautiful area. 

Many luxury homes in Black Forest come with one-of-a-kind amenities for a forest property. Some properties will have expansive natural space, some will have access to outdoor dining and kitchen options, some properties have hot tubs, and there are even so properties with horse stables in the forest. There are so many amenities for everyone to enjoy. A luxury home in Black Forest is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the city life and live peacefully in beautiful scenery. 

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Neighborhoods in the Area

Forest Gate

A community of fifty homes, Forest Gate is on the border of Black Forest. The area is filled with up to 5-acre homes, and it is a beautiful area thanks to the ponderosa pines, views of Pikes Peak, and proximity to Colorado Springs. With easy access and high-end properties, Forest Gate is highly desired by people moving into Black Forest. 

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Wildwood Village

Wildwood Village is a community with 195 lots that are an average of 5 acres. The residents of the community have different types of scenery, as homes are both in the wooded area and in the open plains. With access to the equestrian lifestyle, Wildwood Village is perfect if you want to be around horses, or just want to embrace the forest. With multiple parks, wildlife runs abound in the neighborhood, connecting the residents even more to the nature that surrounds them. 

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Sylvan Meadows

A community on the east side of Black Forest that has 57 properties, Sylvan Meadows has beautiful rolling hills and towering pine trees to marvel at. It truly creates a feeling of forest living you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Every property is at least 5 acres, and the community has access to great views and occasionally see some wildlife. Some of the neighborhood borders a popular hiking area, Black Squirrel Creek. 

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Highland Park

Highland Park is a community with 158 lots of at least 2.5 acres. The community has the most space for the lots as close to the city as they are. You cannot get closer to Colorado Springs and have as much space as you do in Highland Park. With a perfect blend of the urban and rural lifestyles, the community has incredible views of Pikes Peak, yet it is very close to Colorado Springs. 

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Cathedral Pines

The Black Forest is home to many beautiful neighborhoods, but none may be prettier than Cathedral Pines. 810 acres of space and 200 2½ or more acre homes are tucked back into towering ponderosa pines, with exceptional views of Pikes Peak. Hiking trails, water features, and park benches are just the beginning of some of the amenities for residents. There is also a lodge for weddings and events. Cathedral Pines is a must-see neighborhood for anyone interested in luxury properties. 

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High Forest Ranch

This gated neighborhood has properties as large as 39 acres, and they allow horses. As a custom luxury home community, High Forest Ranch provides 33 acres of open space, with over 7 miles of trails and multiple ponds stocked with bass and trout. There is also a grand community lodge that frequently hosts grad parties, weddings, and events for the community. 

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Black Forest Reserve

Another gated community, Black Forest Reserve has 113 Homesites located in northeast Colorado Springs. With open space, meadows, and forested areas in the community, Black Forest Reserve provides a serene place to reside. Access to multiple school districts in the area, the community has access to Colorado Springs, yet it stays removed enough in the trees to create a rural lifestyle perfect for those interested in forest living. 

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History in Black Forest

The Black Forest was originally apart of a bigger area known as the Pineries. Originally extending from Divide, Colorado to Monument Hill, the area was eventually named "Black Forest". When General Willam Palmer came, he bought up most of the land in Black Forest to create sawmills to help build both the cities of Colorado Springs and Denver. 

There is also a rich Native American presence in the area. If you are lucky, you can see charcoal pits and remnants such as tool chippings, arrowheads, and even a piece of pottery if you are lucky. Another visible influence of the Native Americans in the area is from the Ute Tribe. The Utes shaped pine trees in the forest to create Ute Prayer Trees. They shaped the trees in the area to bend and snake back and forth, creating a place to pray to their Creator. These trees can be spotted in many locations throughout the forest but can be prominently spotted in Fox Run Regional Park

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Life in Black Forest

The natural beauty of the area is seen everywhere you go. There are many local parks open to the public that showcase even more of the scenery. The aforementioned Fox Run Regional Park, Black Forest Regional Park, Black Forest Section 16 Trail, and Palmer Divide Regional Trail are all great local areas to spend time outside. Some restaurants in the area are Purple Toad Social Tap, Mountain View Cafe (which is home to the largest pancakes you will ever see), Guadalajara Family Mexican, and Happy Time Korean Restaurant. All of these restaurants and more are accessible from the Black Forest, and of course, you have more options as you travel further into the city of Colorado Springs. 

Attractions Nearby

Rampart Range Recreation Area. This recreation area is home to almost any outdoor activity you will ever want to do. Whether it be hiking, mountain biking, camping, or maybe you want to fish and go four-wheeling, this recreation area has access to it. With beautiful scenery and full forests, this beautiful area is home to not only fun adventures but beautiful and peaceful times. The view of the front range is prominent from Rampart Range Recreation Area, and it provides the perfect backdrop for having the time of your life outside. 

Garden of the Gods Park. This world-famous park is located about 30 minutes away from Black Forest, but it is well worth the trip. The beautiful sandstone rock and the incredible formations it makes provides a beautiful backdrop for the city. With Pikes Peak right behind the park, it is one of the most pristine views in the state. 

Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. The most visited man-made tourist attraction in Colorado is the beautiful chapel on the United States Air Force Academy's Campus

Cheyenne Mountain State Park. With many outdoor activities to partake in, Cheyenne Mountain State Park is fun for the whole family. You can bring your dog to hike or run, you can mountain bike, there is an archery range, and you can even bring your RV. 

The Broadmoor resort. A 30 minute drive from Black Forest, this five star five diamond resort is world-famous. With a golf course that has hosted the US Senior Open and the Womens US Open, there is a sense of prestige and history the moment you walk on the grounds. With world-class dining options and incredible views of the front range, spending time at the Broadmoor resort is an incredible experience. You can spend an entire day at the resort, and you will still not be close to doing everything you can.  

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This family-friendly place is a great time to spend with the kids or anyone for that matter. Only 30 minutes from the Black Forest and very close to the Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is home to an abundance of animals. With gorillas, lions, elephants, and even a rhino, everyone in the family can spot their favorite animal. Not only that, the zoo has some of the best views of the city of Colorado Springs. You can see the Black Forest from the zoo, and you can witness the vastness of the second-largest city in the state. 

Will Rogers Shrine sits above the Cheyenne Mountain zoo and provides great views of the north back towards Black Forest, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, and out into the Eastern Plains. Visiting this shrine provides a little history and incredible views for whoever ventures up the mountain to get there. 

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